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This means you will get paid 99% regardless of the amount you have. Unlike other refiners that boast about their high percentages, but you then find out they have requirements in order for you to receive that percentage. Not with the Gold Buyers Express Dealers Program.

Very important, please read everything below: What does ZERO loss rate mean? This means when you provide us clean gold (that does not include stones) we pay you based on a zero loss rate. For example, if you have a bag of 14kt. assorted clean gold jewelry that weighs say 1000 grams, we are going to pay you 99% based on those 1000 grams. Now, for example, when you hand this same bag of 14kt. assorted gold jewelry to your current refiner, and it again weighs 1000 grams. Once its refined, your current refiner will give you a weight in which they are basing your payout on. We can guarantee that the total weight of gold refined will NOT be 1000 grams. Why? because even though the bag of jewelry is free of stones, it has impurities mixed in like solder, dirt, etc. Once refined, this is called slag. They will not pay you for this weight loss! The Gold Buyers Express Dealers Program pays you for every gram of clean gold you send in. We do not take the loss rate into consideration. You will not find another refiner that offers this.


During your current refiners  process, when the slag is removed from the impurity free gold, it is set aside. You never take possession of the slag. Did you know that gold and silver particles stick to that slag? Here is an actual photo of a common piece of slag. See all of the gold particles? That is money you are loosing out on, in addition to all of the weight from impurities you are not getting paid for.



When you happen to buy a fake item, which lets admit, it happens to the best of us at one point in time. It usually will be mixed in with your lot of jewelry you are sending into your refiner. When your current refiner melts everything down at once, the ONLY way you know you made a mistake, is that the purity numbers, and total weight you expected to receive is reduced significantly. You have no idea which piece is in question, you have no way to learn from your mistakes, you have no way to take that fake item back to your employees and show it as a learning experience, you have no idea what that fake piece in question weighed for sure. All you have is a loss, a subtraction, and your current refiner can tell you what ever they want. Because everything you sent in, is already melted into a bar. ZERO RECOURSE.

With the Gold Buyers Express Dealers Program we will remove any fake items in question from your lot prior to refining. We let you know exactly the metal composition of the jewelry item(s) in question. We will also return this item(s) back to you at your request so you can show your staff, and learn from your mistakes. You will not find another refiner that offers this.

We do not charge you any treatment charges or hidden fees. Unlike some refiners that charge $50-$250 for a treatment charge based on the amount you send in. Not with the Gold Buyers Express Dealers program.

Unlike some refiners that lock you into contracts where you can only sell to them. We do not believe that is the right way to earn someones business. Pay them the most and treat them respectfully and they don't need to be locked down to some contract.

With the Gold Buyers Express Dealers program we only use OVERNIGHT service via Federal Express. This service is absolutely FREE when you send your parcel to us. If your current refiner happens to use UPS, please understand, they do not insure precious metals. With the Gold Buyers Express Dealers program we are insured through Jewelers Mutual and are part of the DVX program through Federal Express. This is a Declared Value Exception service that we have been a part of for over 10 years with Federal Express. So rest assured, on top of sending your package overnight, it is fully insured specifically for jewelry related items.

We are the only refiner that published what we pay for every karat of gold that is updated every 60 seconds while the market is open. Most refiners do not give you such a detailed breakdown for what they are going to pay you. Most only give you percentages and expect you to try and figure out what they claim they pay. We like to be upfront, honest and transparent from the very beginning.

You can simply compare what we pay per gram vs. your current refiner. If they don't publish this information on their website than just call and ask them. Then take into consideration we are paying you these payouts based off no minimum amount, FREE Overnight shipping, your ZERO loss rate, No treatment charges, No locked in contracts and Access to our dealer payouts updated every 60 seconds. We are willing to bet your current refiner can not compete. If you feel your current refiner offers something we don't and you are very interested in using the Gold Buyers Express Dealers Program, let us know, we will try our best to earn your business.